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   This engine was built to power a 1963 Porsche 356B coupe. It is used to provide good power and torque over a
   wide range of touring uses. The crankshaft is a 78mm stroke used in conjunction with 96mm pistons and cylinders.
   The oil galleys were drilled and tapped for ease of thoroughly cleaning any residue in the case, and to prevent any
   press in plugs "unpressing" themselves later. The oil pump was upgraded to a modified Type-1 style, and the flywheel
   was a custom unit to retain a 200mm clutch. The heads are the hard to find 2.0 litre 914 castings, but have stainless
   44mm intakes and 38mm exhaust valves, along with extensive porting, and topped off with a pair of 44mm Weber
   carburetors. The cooling shroud is made in Germany by the BAS company and uses a genuine Porsche 911 fan and
   alternator. This kit was used not only for its cooling ability, but since it required machining the case it provided the
   necessary clearance to fit under the decklid. The exhaust is 1 5/8 tubing and was custom built by A-1 Muffler. This
   package produces about 160 hp with a very broad torque curve.


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