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    2332cc Turbo


   2332cc race engine has a forged 84mm chromoly crankshaft with a wedgemated 10lb. flywheel. The rods are
   5.5 inch long forged chromoly H-beam design. The heads are Competition Eliminators, welded, ported and polished
   by A.J. Sims with 46mm x 37mm valves with Chevy K-Motion valve springs. The oiling system consists of a 4-qt. deep
   oil sump, a modified hd oil pump and a full flow oil filter. The cam is a custom Proformance turbo grind with straight
   cut cam gears. The 94mm JE pistons are in Cima cylinders honed to size. The exhaust was custom built using 1 3/4
   tubing. The turbo is a 62-1 ball bearing unit with a modified 750cfm Holley carb. This engine put out 457hp at the


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