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    2332cc Turbo


   2332ccs utilizing an 84mm forged crankshaft and Cima 94mm pistons and cylinders. This motor is going into a five
   seat sand rail, but can also be used as a very hot street motor. The cam is a Proformance turbo grind and utilizes
   Scat 1.4-1 high ratio rocker arms. The carburetor is a Weber 45 DCOE with 32mm venturis. The header is 1 5/8 thick
   walled tubing thar has been ceramic coated. The ignition is a Vertex magneto that requires no outside power source
   to supply a very hot spark. This engine has full-flow oiling and an external oil cooler. No deep sump was used so
   adequate ground clearance was retained. Using only 12lbs of boost on the dyno this motor made 260hp at only
   6000rpm. At 3500rpm it produced 165hp which is more than a lot of carbureted motors make a peak rpm. With the
   boost turned up and the proper fuel, 350hp is within reach.


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