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   Air/Fuel gauges

   LM-1: Digital Air/Fuel Ratio Meter:

   Tuning an engine for maximum power previously required long trial-and-error sessions on a dynamometer. With the
   LM-1, precise AFR measurement allows the user to correctly adjust many variables- including carburetor jetting, fuel
   injection, turbo fuel curves, etc.- without long and expensive dyno sessions. The meter’s digital signal processing
   technology provides data on exactly how rich or lean an engine is running at any load. The LM-1’s self-calibrating
   circuitry also compensates for changes in temperature, altitude, and sensor condition.

   The instrument can sample and store the air-fuel-ratio and the other sensor data internally in operation for later
   analysis on a personal computer. At a sampling rate of 12 samples/second the instrument can store up to 44 minutes
   worth of data in non-volatile memory. The data can be downloaded to a personal computer using a standard serial
   port and viewed/analyzed by the included software or any standard spreadsheet program.

  The standard LM-1 includes a Bosch wide-band oxygen sensor and cable, cigarette-lighter adapter/power cable, serial
  cable for PC connection, exhaust bung and plug, CD and manual. The LM-1 ships with a Bosch sensor, however, it can
  also function with other wide-band sensors, including Honda/NTK and VW sensors.


   We use Engle and Webcam camshafts in conjuntion with Scat laser drilled lifters. Steel straight cut or aluminum cam
   drive gears are available.


   The new Empi 40mm and 44mm HPMX carburetors have just been released as a replacement for the Weber IDF
   series. The airflow and horsepower capabilities have been improved over the Weber with all jets being
   interchangeable. The 44HPMX's come with 36mm venturis while the 40HPMX's are 28mm in size.

   Previously called a "Kadron" carburetor, this 40mm Solex design is now being manufactured by Empi. The single
   throat design provides plenty of power in a dual carb configuration, and is easier to tune and to work around than
   the 2 barrel carb sets. These are also being made available in 46mm and 48mm sizes, and have powered a full-
   bodied Volkswagen to mid 11 second ET's. A lighter weight dedicated race car is currently being readied to go even
   faster while being fueled with methanol.

   This is a set of new Weber 48ida carburetors. They are available in the stock cast finish or they can be fully polished.
   This set has also been bored out to a 51.5mm throttle plate size.

Engine cases are available in a genuine VW magnesium alloy or the new Auto Linea case cast in aluminum.
   Machining is available for larger bore cylinders, stroker crank clearancing and oil system modifications. Chromoly
   head studs are also available in different lengths and different alloys

Clutch discs are available in woven metallic, feramic puck style, or sintered iron "slipper" discs.The "Black Iron" disc
   allows a lighter pressure plate to be used, which cushions the shock to the transmission, but with the "grip" of the
   clutch increasing as it gets hot.

   Connecting rods
We use several different styles of connecting rods. Resized genuine VW rod are most often used with stock stroke
   applications, and can also be clearanced for small stroker cranks. Forged chromoly I-beam styles are strong and
   inexpensive, while the forged H-beam design is pretty much the strongest and lightest that we sell. For special
   applications The Cunningham company provides us with custom rods to our specifications.

   Cooling systems

   We weld ALL of the attachment points on a new fan where the blades are crimped into the fan ring. This eliminates
   the dreaded "exploding fan" syndrome where the fan comes apart and tears holes into the fan housing and oil cooler.


   We have counterweighted crankshafts from 69mm to 90mm strokes, using either factory VW forgings, or 4340
   chromoly from Bugpack or Scat. Our flywheels are all 8- dowel pinned with wedgemating or flanged attachment
   available. Rod journals come in either VW size or 2.0" Chevy diameter.

   Exhaust systems



   The MSD brand distributor uses a magnetic pickup instead of points to trigger the spark, The advance curve is fully
   adjustable and the shaft rides on ball bearings. The plug connectors are also spaced further apart to avoid any
   crossfire that can occur with a high energy spark.

   Nitrous oxide
Nitrous oxide injection is another way to add power to your engine. You can add from 25hp to upwards of 150hp
   with a simple jet change. The fuel system has to be modified, and with a big "shot" of nitrous other modifications
   are necessary. If a complete "kit" from either Nitrous Express or NOS is used, reliability can be as good as any
   other method of increasing horsepower.

   Pistons & cylinders

   This Wiseco piston is made from  a forged aluminum alloy and utilizes a "slipper skirt" design. This piston is lighter
   and much stronger than a Cima brand.


   Conventional size and "power pulley" sizes are available made by Scat, Empi or Gene Berg. They are sold in
   polished or black anodized finishes in aluminum, all steel, or a steel hub with an aluminum outer.

This serpentine pulley kit uses a modern grooved fan belt. With one piece billet top and bottom pulleys and an idler
   pulley providing tension, the chances of losing a belt and burning up an engine are greatly reduced.

   The Fisher harmonic dampner is designed to control the twisting of the crankshaft under a load. This smoothes out
   the running and prolongs the life of the crank.



   Torque bar

   The Proformance Racing torque bar supports the frame horns to prevent flexing. The leading cause of “wheel hop”
   is from the horns bending up under a load, and then springing down when the tire looses traction. The tires then grab
   and the processes repeats itself. The torque bar is chromoly steel and bolts between the shock towers. The down bars
   are aluminum with left and right hand threaded “heim” joints. The mounting tabs are laser cut steel and need to be
   welded to either the rear mount or directly to the frame horns. The down bars are also machined with a hex shape so
   a wrench can be used for adjusting the preload.

Transmissions are available for all year VW's; swing axle, IRS, or bus. Available are standard rebuilds, heavy duty
   “ProStreet” style boxes and all out racing applications.

   Turbo kits
   Coming soon.

   Other products

   This is a billet aluminum full flow oil pump cover plate. When the oil pump outlet is internally plugged all of the oil
   flows out of the cover, through your filter, then back into the motor, filtering 100% of the oil.

These are the new M&H DOT approved street legal "slick". They are available in either the 6 inch width, 26inch tall,
   or the 8.5 inch by 28inch tall.

   Proformance has just re-introduced their billet tach mounts. These mounts are CNC machined from aluminum and
   will hold your Autometer tach on your VW dash. It requires drilling only one 3/8" hole for mounting. Price is $64.95
   fully polished or $59.95 in satin.


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